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I've variously had in my hands a camera of some description for the last fifteen years or so. But my first real foray into photography began when I took up a communications role around ten years ago. Taking photos and producing video of events is a necessary part of the job. So with plenty of trial, error, and some good advice from my friend Philip Griffin, I set about understanding this beast known as a DSLR. 

Like most things, if you're passionate about it you'll learn without feeling like you're trying. And my real passion began when I fell in love with birds and bird photography, a form which to achieve good results demands considerable attention to detail, good technical know-how, and plenty of patience and time. It turns out my passion for capturing birds in their natural environment has positively impacted on all aspects of my photography, particularly the understanding of and use of both natural and artificial light.

Whether lying prone on the side of a muddy pond capturing the habits of migrating shorebirds, photographing people taking part in an special event, or freezing in time that special moment when a couple begins their journey in life together, there's never a moment I'm not enjoying being behind the camera and anticipating what the resulting images will look like when the chance to view them arrives. 

If you like my work, feel free to get in touch. Some is for sale and I'm available for freelance work.




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