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Participants at an Improve your bird photography workshop at White's Rd Wetlands.

Participants at an Improve your bird photography workshop at White's Rd Wetlands.


Thanks for visiting my website and for your interest in my photography workshops!

This workshop will take place in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning and practising new skills.

Participants will leave the workshop with an improved understanding of what it takes to create beautiful bird photographs and will be able to go away and put their new skills into action in the field.

All workshop participants will get exclusive access to my workshop facebook group where they can share their images for ongoing supportive critique and tips long after the workshop is completed. You will also get priority access to future workshops focussing on advanced techniques, post production and more.

To ensure each participant gets plenty of one-to-one instruction and support, I have limited this workshop to six places. 

In the event the conditions are unfavourable and will negatively impact your workshop experience, we will reschedule to a suitable future date.
Please note: refunds will only be provided if the booking is cancelled within a month of the workshop date.


To participate effectively and get the most out of this workshop, participants will need the following equipment:

Camera: DSLR, mirrorless or superzoom camera and spare battery(s).

Lens: Minimum 250mm or equivalent zoom. Ideally, a lens in the 400mm – 600mm range is best for bird photography.

Don’t have the right equipment? Email me at to discuss the possibility of loaning/testing equipment for the workshop.

Rain cover: If you don't have one of these I suggest making something homemade that will provide protection from wet weather in the event the conditions are poor. Umbrellas aren't appropriate as they will likely deter birds from coming close.


Tripod or monopod: If you have a tripod or monopod, I encourage you to bring it along. However, if you can confidently handhold your lens without camera shake you may prefer to do so. Techniques for both tripod/monopod and handholding will be taught. I highly recommend a lightweight tripod for lenses longer than 400mm or heavy shorter lenses. A ground skimmer pod with head is very useful for shooting birds low to the ground.


Along with the equipment listed above, I recommend that you bring the following things to the workshop:

Memory card:
Minimum 16GB  memory card as we will be taking a lot of shots using the continuous shooting mode.

Appropriate clothing/footwear: Make sure you wear good walking shoes/boots. For safety reasons, long pants and gaiters or gumboots are recommended, as we will likely be walking through long grass, scrub etc. A wide-brimmed hat is a good idea regardless of conditions. Dull natural coloured clothing or camouflaged apparel is ideal in order to blend in with our surrounds.

External flash unit: If you have an external flash unit, feel free to bring it along as we may have time to cover some basic fill-flash techniques.

Food/Drink:  Please make sure you bring at least one water bottle with adequate supply to get you through the workshop.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me to ask any questions you might have about this workshop. 




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